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Attractions in Chubu

Chubu is full of amazing sights, including Ise Jingu, which is a Japanese holy place, the unspoiled Japanese scenery of Shirakawa and Gokoyama, the historical heritage sites of Kumano Kodo, as well as beautiful mountains such as Mt. Fuji and the Japanese Alps, and even the manufacturing culture that combines the old and the new, including traditional crafts and automobiles. We recommend Chubu for people who want to enjoy an individualized trip that combines various spots and activities.

There’s more than just eating! Cosplayers representing 30 countries/regions tried making Soba, an experience only found in Japan

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The Chinese representative cosplayers KURA and VIM gave TAPTOP a try

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River Retreat GARAKU

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Experience Work and Culture at the Noto Satoyama-Satoumi Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System

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A journey to Ise-Shima for extra girl power

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Model Course taking in the attractions of Chubu