A Pastry Inspired by a Picturesque Tradition


One of the most iconic images of winter in Kanazawa are the trees in the famous garden of Kenrokuen, their branches decked with a conical arrangement of ropes that are tied to a tall length of bamboo. This practice is known as yukizuri, and it was developed in order to prevent tree branches from being broken by the weight of the region’s heavy snowfalls.


The celebrated patissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi hails from Ishikawa Prefecture, and he was inspired by this image when he created his signature pastry, theYUKIZURI. The patissier was trained in France, and he also took inspiration from the traditional French pastry known as the sacristan, which is made with puff pastry dough.

Made from Ishikawa Prefecture’s Finest Ingredients


For his unique creation, Tsujiguchi uses rice flour from Ishikawa Prefecture, and from the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa, Sei-Agri Healthy Egg and Agehama enden salt, which is harvested at the seashore. The pastry is topped with glace royal (icing) that is flavored with Japanese plum; the icing is applied by hand, and its appearance conjures up images of the snow falling in patches on the yukizuri ropes.You can buy these artfully designed pastries at Le Musée de H shops around Ishikawa Prefecture and in Toyama Prefecture.

See the Master’s Work Firsthand

Le Musée de H

If you’re a fan of high quality pastries, and you’re making a visit to Ishikawa, then dropping in at Le Musée de H in Tsujiguchi’s home town of Nanao, is a must. There, you can see several of Tsujiguchi’s most impressive artistic creations. These sculptures, made out of pastry sugar, have to be seen to be believed. Some stretch up into the air like fireworks, while others look as if they had been transported out of a fairy tale.

Le Musée de H

The Musée de H also has an attached café and pastry shop, where you can enjoy the more everyday but no less appealing products of Tsujiguchi’s fertile imagination.

Le Musée de H – Tsujiguchi Hironobu Museum

65-1, Wakuramachi, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa, 926-0175

TEL: 0767-62-4002

FAX: 0767-62-1011

Hours: 9:00–19:00(18:30 L.O.)



The OMOTENASHI Selection is a collection of products that have been made with that same kind of thought and consideration – whether it is a piece of clothing made with extraordinary attention to detail, food or drink made in a traditional, time-honored method, or just a small household item that brings a smile to your face every time you see it.



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