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Attractions in Kansai

Kansai has been built up as the center of Japan since ancient times, and it is a treasury of historical heritages, including numerous cultural properties in Kyoto and Nara, as well as Horyu-ji, Himeji Castle, Kumano Kodo, and five World Heritage sites. Another attraction offered by Kansai is the best eating experiences in Japan, including the extravagant dining streets of Osaka, which is the common person’s gourmet capital, and the refined Japanese food culture of Kyoto.

Misasa Onsen Izanro Iwasaki

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Kobe Minato Onsen REN

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Experience the Ancient Dramatic Art of Noh in the Heart of Osaka

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Use the “Osaka Amazing Pass” for a Surprisingly Cost-Effective Fun Filled Day

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Enjoy summer nights in the suburbs of Kyoto

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Transformation Experience at Famous Historical Sites

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