Use the “Osaka Amazing Pass” for a Surprisingly Cost-Effective Fun Filled Day

  • Osaka, a large city which has a long history of being the center of business and culture, is filled with a large variety of entertainment and tourist spots which everyone can enjoy.
  • Also famous for food and being called the city of "Kuidaore" or "eat till you drop", it boasts many delicious and reasonably priced cuisine.
  • If you want to see Osaka at a reasonable price, the "Osaka Amazing Pass" is highly recommended. It allows 1 day free use of the public transportation system, free entrance to 28 tourist spots around the city, plus offers discounts at 16 other institutions and 40 stores.
  • Seeing 28 spots in 1 day is of course impossible, but below are some spots that are popular to tourists and are also in my guided tour of the city. (If used smartly, you'll be able to tour the sights at 50% off the regular price)

01 - Osaka Castle

The famous symbol of Osaka, this tourist spot is one that cannot be missed.

At the start of the 17th century, the famous warlords fought a great battle here trying to gain leadership of Japan for themselves.

The view from the top of the castle, the golden tea room and other priceless adornments, are just a few of the valuable cultural effects that you'll be able to see there.

For people who want more than just seeing the castle, you can even dress up as your favorite warlord and have your picture taken for 300 yen.

02 - Shitenoji Temple

Built at the end of the 6th century, it was the first "kanji" or "state-sponsored temple" in Japan.

One of the most famous historical figures in Japan, Shotoku Taishi, who named this country "Japan" for the first time and forged the Japanese spirit, is the person who established this temple.

I'll tell you about the religion, the building of this temple and all about the Japanese spirit that still resides in the Japanese people nowadays.

03 - The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Japan's first museum with a theme of housing and living in Osaka. You can actually walk through a recreated town in Osaka from 200 years ago. And for just 300 yen, you can do this whilst wearing a kimono, so it'll feel like you're actually visiting the samurai period.

04 - Dotonbori

A popular spot full of gourmet, shopping, and entertainment.

You can enjoy delicious foods like fresh sushi, Kushi katsu (fried meat/vegetables on a skewer), and Okonomiyaki (a savory pancake with various ingredients).

05 - Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

The only museum in the world that has a permanent exhibit of Ukiyoe paintings made in the Edo period featuring actors.

The Ukiyoe was like the modern day picture magazine, and was a information medium for the populace.

Not only can you see the Ukiyoe, you can experience making one yourself.
(Beginner, Medium, Advanced course fees: 500yen, 800yen, 1,000 yen)

06 - Umeda Sky Building Kuchu-Teien Observatory

At 173m from the ground, two high-rise buildings are connected to create a 360 degree open observatory.

It's unique architectural design is highly evaluated worldwide.

You can see the whole of Osaka city from the observatory, and the view at sunset or at night is very romantic.

07 - Shin Sekai Tsutenkaku Tower

The second most famous of Osaka's symbols, the first being Osaka castle.

It was designed after the Eifel Tower in Paris, and you can see the city from the observatory at a height of 100m.

A statue of the unique god called Biliken-san sits there, and it's said that happiness comes to people who touch the statue's feet.

The area around the Tsutenkaku Tower is called Shin Sekai or "new world", and it is full of reasonable, down to earth type of restaurants and entertainment.

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Additional information: It isn't included in the tour above, but you can also use this pass to go to a hot spring with an open air bath in Osaka city. It could be pleasant to relax at the hot spring after a full day of touring.


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