SETOUCHI A beautiful inland sea, and island tours


Attractions of Setouchi

The major attractions in Setouchi, a large area of which is designated as a national park, are the calm inland sea and the beautiful islands. In addition to trips around the various characteristic islands and the variety of nature-based activities, Setouchi is well known for its historical buildings and as a central location for art.

Special Accommodations of Setouchi/ Sanin!

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Relishing the Magnificence of Japanese Gardens in Shimane/ Yamaguchi

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Enjoy Japan’s autumn as never experienced before! 5 Must-go places for adventure at Shodoshima-island at Setonaikai ocean.

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Soak up the atmosphere of a VIP at Shimonoseki-Shunpanro, a historic bay-side inn which the emperor visited.

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Setouchi Pirate History Cruise Retracing the legend of the Murakami Pirates

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Fully enjoy the attractions of the Bridges in Setouchi

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A model course combining the attractions of Setouchi