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Hiroshima’s Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail

Peace Memorial Park, Miyajima or even okonomiyaki usually appear in most people’s travel itinerary for Hiroshima. Like many visitors, I completed the “must do” things and had some extra time in Hiroshima. I wandered off the beaten path and discovered a fascinating historical trail. Covering 16 shrines and temples, Futaba-no-sato Historical Walking Trail brings visitors back almost 400 years to Hiroshima’s early history. Shrines and temples along the trail were constructed by successive lords during different time periods.

1.Fudoin Temple

The only registered National Treasure in Hiroshima, Fudoin Temple is one of the few historic buildings in Hiroshima that was not destroyed during the atomic bombing. The temple’s Yakushi Buddha statue, bell tower and tower gate are designated Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

  • Address 3-4-9 Ushita-shinmachi, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima

WalkApprox. 50 minutes

2.Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

Located near the midpoint of the trail, Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine is dedicated to Ieyasu Tokugawa. Saved by the soldiers’ firefighting efforts after the atomic blast, the remaining structures are permanently tilted to the north. A big festival is held at the shrine every 50 years to celebrate Tokugawa Ieyasu’s death. The last festival was held in 2015 so the next will be in 2065!

  • Address 2-1-18 Futabanosato, Higashi-Ward, Hiroshima City

WalkApprox. 1 minutes

3.Kinko Inari Shrine

Hiroshima’s hidden path of vermillion torii gates is found at Kinko Inari Shrine. While the rows of about 100 torii gates are not as majestic as Kyoto’s iconic Fushimi Inari Shrine, the path is so scenic and serene. I did not meet anyone as I wandered through the torii gates that lead eventually to Mount Futaba’s Peace Pagoda.

If you’d like to further explore the Futaba-no-sato Historical Walking Trail, you can download the trail map here!

  • Address 2-1-18 Futabanosato, Higashi-Ward, Hiroshima City

Writer:Wendy Ng

A passionate educator, Wendy has experiences teaching English in Singapore, Japan and around the world on Peace Boat. With a MA in literary studies, she enjoys writing about her travel adventures. Embracing the “carpe diem” spirit, she thinks that life is too short not to eat and travel non-stop!

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