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Experience traditional Japan: Learn how to make Japanese paper in Kochi

At the Ino Paper Museum in Kochi, you can learn how to make beautiful Japanese paper. The art of making washi dates back over 1000 years in Kochi Prefecture. At the museum you can make postcards made from the fibres of the kozo plant.

The experience begins by swirling around and scooping out the pulp from the trough into a mesh tray. A wooden frame divided into eight sections covers the tray, which will form the postcards. Once the tray is filled with pulp, it's important to hold it steady and give it a good shake afterwards to drain off the excess water.

Next the pulp is carefully transferred onto a large sheet of paper before moving through to the drying room. The paper is then placed on a large metal hot plate, and left to dry for around thirty minutes. During this time, you can explore the museum's two exhibition galleries and gift shop. Here, you can pick up unique paper souvenirs to take home. You can buy all kinds of stationery, paintings and even toilet paper!

Once the paper has finished drying, it is now ready to take home. Before you leave, spend some time decorating your creations with the stamps the museum provides, or perhaps even try your hand at some calligraphy.

The paper making and museum admission costs 800 yen per adult, and can be experienced on the first Sunday of each month. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday each week, from 9am to 5pm. It’s closed on Mondays.

To access the museum from Kochi City, take the tram headed west to Ino Station, and the museum is ten minutes' walk from there.

110-1 Saiwai-cho, Agawa-gun Ino-cho, Kochi

We wish to thank the Ino Paper Museum for their assistance and cooperation with us for this article.

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Writer:Tanja Warwick

Tanja moved to Shikoku from London in 2015 where she worked in tourism marketing. With a degree in Japanese and journalism, living in Japan allows her to combine her love of travel, writing and studying Japanese. When not working, she can be found hunting down the best cafes around Shikoku!

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