TOHOKU Seasons and foods that touch the heart


Attractions in Tohoku

Tohoku’s attractiveness is found in the natural beauty, such as the vivid seasonal scenery in the Shirakami Mountains, for example, which is a World Heritage Site, the famous and unknown hot springs dotted throughout the region, and the abundant produce of the mountains and the sea. Another highlight is the traditional customs that have been built up in each area, including the three great Tohoku Festivals (the Aomori Nebuta Festival, the Akita Kanto Festival and the Sendai Tanabata Festival), and the mysterious folklore told in Tono, Iwate.

This year’s theme is “Shin Godzilla” and the TV series “Sanadamaru” A trip enjoying Hirosaki and it’s breathtaking rice paddy art!

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From late summer to early fall, the dazzling season of Tohoku

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Get to know Akita through its famous nabe hotpot

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A model course combining the attractions of Tohoku