Take a Walk Off The Beaten Tracks

Broadening the Scope of
Tourism in Japan
Do you feel like doing more than merely visiting the touristic attractions/restaurants listed in
guidebooks, and want to discover places only known to local people?

With TOMODACHI GUIDE, you can do just that: enjoy aspects most travelers miss out on,
while also visiting the popular spots. So many great restaurants and beautiful locations
aren't listed in English guidebooks, but you came to Japan and should be able to make the
most of it. Language barrier notwithstanding!

The solution? TOMODACHI GUIDE, a network of “Companion Guides” keen on showing
you their Japan, its wonderful locations and activities, while developing their global
awareness by interacting with visitors such as yourself. Once you’ve become friendly, they
will gladly go the extra mile to give you a hand with troublesome matters.

So why not start by getting in touch with a like-minded TOMODACHI GUIDE? Then all you
need to do is plan out your customized trip together, and you’re off to Another Japan!
Hidden Treasures
With TOMODACHI GUIDE, no need to know an area to
discover its best kept secrets. You can, for example, try
kimono-wearing and taking a water-bus ride around
Asakusa; you might even make a first-hand experience of
seasonal events. We also highly recommend catching an
up-close glimpse of a sumo stable’s morning training.
Breathtaking Sceneries
Japan abounds with green landscapes and breathtaking
nature, but these are often rendered inaccessible by the
language barrier once you leave the urban centers. A local
TOMODACHI GUIDE can give you safe and easy access to
a great time in the countryside, remote mountains, rivers,
etc. You can make the most of hiking expeditions with
Japanese-style bentō lunchboxes, and also go on a bicycle
escapade or savor fishing by the lake without having to go
through irksome steps like booking.
Cultural Workshops
Classes designed for foreign tourists can be fun, but wouldn’t
you prefer learning from true Japanese artists? Unfortunately,
many of the country’s most skilled and renowned artisans of
traditional pottery and cuisine are unable to communicate in
English. That’s where TOMODACHI GUIDE comes in: assisting
you in these lessons to learn not only about the craft, but also
the customs and philosophy behind it.
Culinary Arts
Explaining the taste of food is always a difficult thing.
Chances are that “boiled potatoes and meat” will taste
entirely different from what you expected. So in addition to
introducing you to new tastes, a TOMODACHI GUIDE will
tell you about the culinary culture, seasonal specialties and
ceremonial dishes. To top it all, many regions and sake
cellars offer tasting sessions, a fantastic opportunity to
delight your taste buds with new fragrances.
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