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Search for activities, experiences, and leisure activities in Japan. Make immediate reservations!

Discover activities, experiences, and leisure activities to get the most out of Japan, including cultural experiences, healing nature and exciting sports.


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If you want to know about Japan, it's best to ask a Japanese person.

Out polite guides have an extensive knowledge of Japan. Travel safely without having to use Japanese. You can also make a reservation for your preferred tour.

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Discover things to eat!

Information about gourmet foods in each part of Japan.
Telephone reservations can be made in English.

This is an introduction to gourmet foods in each part of Japan, including menus in various languages, telephone reservations in English, and popular food events.

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I don't know where I can withdraw Japanese yen

We provide information about ATMs that can be used safely anyway at any time

What should I say in this situation?

We offer useful sample sentences for use at your destination. There is also a glossary of words that are frequently used in different scenarios

I don't know how to get where I want to go…

Trains, airport buses, walking, etc...
Search using a combination of travel methods


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Create treasured memories of travelling in Japan.

This section provides information about seasonal sightseeing in some of the major cities, and a selection of areas that offer some of Japan's most valuable and attractive experiences. The section provides information about enjoying Japan, including recommended routes and spots.

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Get \500 off for every \10,000 spent.