Get the most out of Hokkaido with a course from popular blogger “Peri”


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Hokkaido ShrineSapporo

Hokkaido's foremost shrine

Free entrance


Shiroi Koibito ParkSapporo

This theme park is based on "Shiroi Koibito," a typical Hokkaido souvenir

Admission: 600 yen


Sapporo Central
Wholesale MarketSapporo

A wholesale market that stocks vegetables and fruit from all over Hokkaido, as well as freshly caught seafood

Free entrance

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Bier Keller Sapporo Kaitakushi Sapporo Factory Bier KellerSapporo

At this store, you can eat lamb that has been carefully selected by the head chef with the finest quality fresh beer from Sapporo, which is the original Japanese beer region

Average price: 2,500 yen (general average)

Click here for details and reservations for this store

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Otaru Canal CruiseOtaru

Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of Otaru while riding a boat on this cruise tour

Ticket prices: From 1,500 yen

Click here for reservations for Otaru Canal Cruise


Sushi ShunOtaru

Try the amazing nigiri sushi, which is skillfully made using delicious seasonal and perfectly fresh fish.

Average price: 3,000 yen (general average)

Click here for details and reservations for this store


Otaru sightseeingOtaru

Go sightseeing around Otaru, including the head store of popular confectionary company LeTAO, and the Otaru Music Box Museum.

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Hokkaido is a great location for an overseas vacation! It has the convenience of the city while retaining Japanese cultural traditions. Although they weren't featured in the video, I had a lot of fun at events and when shopping in Hokkaido, and the unique Hokkaido cuisine was really delicious! I hope you will come to Hokkaido too! 沛莉 Peri