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The Chinese representative cosplayers KURA and VIM gave TAPTOP a try

There are many people who have experienced missing out on the goods they wanted because the stores were out of stock, or they couldn’t find the cosmetics they were asked to get during their visits to Japan. “TapTop” is the perfect solution to avoid coming across such situations, and so China’s representative cosplayers KURA and VIM tried it out at LAOX when they visited Japan to take part in the World Cosplay Summit 2016.

LAOX is just one block south from the Nagoya International Hotel where cosplayers representing their country at the World Cosplay Summit were staying. LAOX is located in the Nagoya Maruei Department Store and it is one branch of a large scale domestic franchise that sells tax-free merchandise. The two cosplayers went off to receive an item they had ordered beforehand on TapTop.

What is TapTop?

TapTop is an online reservation service for the products you’re looking for. It guarantees users to receive their desired products at the store via placing an order 3 days before your scheduled date to visit said store. And of course you can shop tax-free with 8% OFF the price since you’ll be receiving the item in Japan during your travels.


LAOX Nagoya Maruei Store is on the 1st and 7th floor of the Nagoya MARUEI Department Store located in the biggest shopping district of Nagoya where many department stores are lined up one after the other. It is a highly popular area among Japanese as well as foreign tourists.

The store also has household appliances, pharmaceutical products, and plenty of Japanese souvenirs such as traditional crafts, but KURA had ordered a Panasonic rice cooker at her mother’s request from China, and VIM wanted a facial care item so they headed for the 7th floor. 

As they arrived on the 7th floor their eyes stopped at the globally adored Hello Kitty display. The two were completely ecstatic to see the rich lineup of Hello Kitty goods, and had a hard time trying to decide what to buy for themselves, their families, and friends.

The reason they were able to take their time to look at items other than what they originally came for was because they had made a reservation through TapTop. There was absolutely no need to worry about stock availability. One of the greatest advantages of TapTop is being able to receive ordered goods at the store right before your departure home, thus allowing you to comfortably enjoy traveling lightly during your stay in Japan.

Since LAOX has Chinese staff, KURA and VIM were able to relax and enjoy shopping in their native language. The store also has the latest Japanese household appliances on display, and so they just couldn’t help taking a look at other products as well.

How to use TapTop:

- Reserve your desired product beforehand online.
- Keep your reservation number issued after reservation and visit the store.
- Apply for the tax-free procedure, pay for and receive the product. It is an extremely simple and smooth process.

Depending on the store, there are multilingual members of staff available at LAOX. Being able to communicate in your native language while traveling overseas makes shopping a much more comfortable experience.

KURA and Vim seemed extremely satisfied to be able to get their desired products. To be 100% sure to get what you want in Japan, try using TapTop.

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