Savor a Celebrated Onsen Beauty Treatment in the Comfort of Your Home

Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheets

The Gero hot spring resorts in Gifu Prefecture are one of Japan’s best known onsen areas. To complement the healthful effects of bathing in the rich mineral waters, local inns have been creating their own herbal compress sheets for generations. A modern version of this traditional health and beauty aid are the Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheets, which are available in an extremely convenient form factor.

Comfort Never Smelled So Lovely

Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheets

The delicate fragrances of the Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheets are created using essential oils from local trees, and a blend of scents including lavender, chamomile, rose, and yuzu. Known as the Japanese grapefruit, yuzu is a citrus fruit containing high levels of vitamin C, which can help replenish dead skin cells.

Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Sheets

The other varieties of the Geroko Monogatari Sheets have their own pleasant aroma as well as herbal effects of their own: lavender and chamomile are said to promote relaxation, while rose extract is also rich in chemical compounds that are beneficial for the skin. They come in small packs that are easy to carry with you, anywhere you go.

Try Them for Yourself

Okuda-Mataemon-Ko Honpo

While you could travel out to Gifu Prefecture yourself to try out these sheets, they can be easily purchased online from Geroko.

Okuda-Mataemon-Ko Honpo, Inc.

Mori 28, Gero, Gifu, 509-2202, Japan




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