A long-established, traditional style ryokan in Misasa, beloved by cultural icons since its establishment in 1920

Misasa Onsen Izanro Iwasaki

Tottori, Misasa


Izanro Iwasaki is a Misasa Onsen ryokan built in 1920 on the banks of the Mitoku River. It is an excellent ryokan where celebrities such as acclaimed authors Katai Tayama, Toson Shimazaki and his wife Akiko Yosano stayed during the late 1900s to the early 20th century.


One of the main attractions of our hotel is the onsen waters drawn from the renowned Misasa Onsen, famous for being the best radium hot springs in Japan. Enjoy choosing which of the 12 different kinds of hot springs to soak in, or try them all.


Situated in the subtle grace of the Japanese garden are an annex and a tea ceremony house. Whether day or night, a stroll in the expansive gardens will be rewarding. However, illuminated in the evenings, they are a rare and beautiful sight to see.


The spacious guestrooms are decorated in a traditional Japanese architectural style. With the interior decor and views from your window of the Mitoku River, the riverside bath and the greenery of the Japanese garden, you can spend your entire stay in peace and comfort.


Be enraptured by our cuisine that celebrates the local treasure trove of ingredients from our own Tottori mountains and sea. The seafood comes from Karo Port to the east, Sakaiminato to the west, and our beef comes from central Tottori. We serve such specialties as rock oyster in the summer, Matsuba crab in winter and tender Kuroge Japanese beef all year around. All of our meals embody the sweet and uncomplicated local "tastes of Tottori".


Please enjoy a journey of the history and atmosphere provided at our hotel and beloved by our guests for more than 90 years.

Misasa Onsen Izanro Iwasaki
365 Misasa, Misasa-cho, Touhaku-gun, Tottori Pref.
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