Top Japanese Gifts at Kansai International Airport: Recommendations by ANA FESTA's Expert Staff
First 100 customers receive a small bonus gift!

ANA FESTA makes shopping for souvenirs and gifts easy with two locations at Kansai International Airport and dozens of other airports throughout Japan. Below are some of the top gifts available at ANA FESTA Kansai International Airport Shop (Terminal 1 International Gates).

Kansai Airport ANA Festa Staff Gift Recommendations

Calbee Frugra Granola

This classic-style granola has eight different fruits and vegetables, including chunks of strawberry, apple, papaya, raisins, almonds and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for busy mornings, Frugra granola is a great way to start your day, and is likeable by both adults and children. This family-size bag (800g) offers great value.

Nissin Raoh Instant Ramen

When you're away from home or too busy to cook on the stove, few meals are easier and more satisfying than instant ramen, and Nissin Raoh instant ramen is a very respectable choice. Available with soy sauce or miso flavored broth, five individually packaged servings are included. Don't hesitate to stock up

My Neighbor Totoro

Perhaps the most well-loved character from Studio Ghibli's numerous animated movies, Totoro is truly a Japanese icon. These Totoro plush dolls are popular with kids and adults alike, and at Kansai International Airport are exclusive to the ANA FESTA International Gates shop. Cat Bus plushies also available!

Not available at the domestic gates shop.

Kao MegRhythm Eye Masks

These eye masks release steam to moisten and relax tired eyes. Once you open the package the eye mask immediately heat up to a comfortable 40°C (104°F), giving your eyes a gentle steam bath with no wait. Ear straps allow you to wear the eye masks while sitting or reclined

Shikamaro-kun Nara Deer Cookies

Shikamaro-kun is Nara's famous deer mascot. These small round cat tongue (or is that “deer tongue”?) sandwich cookies each have a picture of Shikamaro-kun in various poses, and are a perfect way to remember your time spent with the deer of Nara Park. Delicious, and especially good as gifts for yuru-kyara fans.

Not available at the domestic gates shop.

ANA FESTA Kansai International Airport Limited Keychain

Press a button for lights and sound! These fun airplane keychains will be given away as bonus gifts to the first 100 customers who spend 2000 yen or more at the ANA FESTA Kansai International Airport Shop (Terminal 1 International Gates). (Show the barcode on this page to receive your gift.)
Only available while supplies last.

Specialties at ANA FESTA Kansai International Airport Shop (Terminal 1 International Gates)

Kani Ramen

>Hokkaido's renowned crab and internationally-popular ramen come together for Crab Ramen! Each serving comes with fresh noodles, concentrated ramen broth, and crab broth, with actual sections of crab legs. This really makes it extra special for crab (and ramen) fans. Three types of broth are included: shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), and miso.

Not available at the domestic gates shop.

Black Thunder Strawberry

Black Thunder chocolate cookie bars are perfect for an energy boost late in the work day or after exercising outdoors, and are now available with a delicious pink strawberry coating! Will they be the next Valentine’s Day hit? We’ll let you decide!

Not available at the domestic gates shop.

Top Gifts Selected by Foreign Nationals Living in Japan

  • Kololo Gummies – Grape flavor
  • Kololo Gummies – Muscat flavor
  • Kobe Cream Cheese Cake
  • Gin no Kane Otaru Camembert Cheesecake 1
  • Furikake (various flavors)
  • Kobe Caramelized Nuts (Caraméliser) Premium
  • Pistachios – Wasabi flavor
  • Sengoku Samurai figures
  • Food magnets

1 Not available at the domestic gates shop.

Make ANA FESTA Kansai International Airport Shop (Terminal 1 International Gates) Your Stop for Japanese Gifts!

ANA FESTA has outlets at 34 airports in Japan, with many exclusive items at each location. At Kansai International Airport there is a shop near both international and domestic departure gates for your convenience.

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