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Seven Bank ATMs - Convenient & easy withdrawal in Japan Get cash at 7-ELEVEN Using your ATM cards, you can withdraw Japanese yen from Seven Bank ATMs at 7-Eleven.

International Cards VISA/PLUS/MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus/UnionPay銀聯/AmericanExpress/JCB/DISCOVER/Diners Club

Service hours
MasterCard MasterCard Maestro Cirrus 00:10
China UnionPay China UnionPay 00:10
American Express AmericanExpress 00:05
JCB JCB 00:10
Discover DISCOVER 00:10
Diners Club Diners Club 00:05
  • ・Some cards with these marks may not be accepted.
  • ・Handling charges of card issuers may be required in addition to our handling charge.

Usage method

  • Go to 7-Eleven with a card
  • Use an ATM.
  • Withdraw Japanese yen.

Withdrawing with a Visa card

  • Step1 Insert your card *Insert the card with the magnetic stripe down.
  • Step2 Please select your desired Language.
  • Step3 Select the "Withdrawal" button.
  • Step4 Select the account you are withdrawing from.
  • Step5 Enter your PIN number and press "ENTER".
  • Step6 Select the amount of money (Japanese Yen) you are withdrawing.
  • Step7 Take the cash out of the ATM. *Don't forget to take out your card and the ATM receipt.

The ATM screen and the receipt are available in four languages: English, Korean, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Establishment locations

ATMs are located in 7-Eleven stores, which has the highest number of convenience stores in Japan (*1), as well as major stations, airports, commercial facilities and more.*1… As of July 2015

You can search for the location, hours of operation, and directions to the shop.

ATM Locator

The "Japan ATM Navigation" application provides a rout from the user's current location to the closest Seven Bank ATM that is easy to follow.

ATM Navigation
Smartphone App


Types of currency

The Japanese currency is "yen," which is represented by the symbol "¥."

Note denominations

*2,000 yen notes are not widely distributed, so you might not see them often. These notes can be used to make payments without a problem, but they are not accepted by some ATMs and vending machines.

Coin denominations

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