Wi-Fi spot information

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

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Areas where you can Wi-Fi spots



“7SPOT” is a free in-store Wi-Fi service available at Seven & i Group stores.
*Please note that the service is not available at some stores or on some floors.



Free Wi-Fi service available within Roppongi Hills,ARKMORIBUILDING.

Provided by: Mori Building Co., Ltd.



Free Wi-Fi available in Sapporo Chikagai Shotenkai.

Provided by:Sapporo toshikaihatsu kousha



Free Wi-Fi available in stations,sightseeing destinations,and other locations within Osaka.

Provided by:Osaka Tourism Bureau



Free Wi-Fi available in airports, stations, bus terminals, sightseeing destinations, and other locations within Fukuoka City.

Provided by: Fukuoka City

Transportation facilities


Free Wi-Fi available in Haneda Airport international terminal.

Provided by: Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation


Free Wi-Fi available in Haneda Airport domestic terminal.

Provided by: Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.


Free Wi-Fi available in Narita Airport terminals.

Provided by: Narita International Airport Corporation


This free Wi-Fi is for international visitors to Japan, and can be used at all major Tokyo Metro stations.

Provided by:Tokyo Metro


Free Wi-Fi is available at the ANA Suite Lounge and ANA Lounge in the airport.

Provided by:ANA


Free Wi-Fi available in major JR East stations.

Provided by: East Japan Railway Company

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