Reservation Service

TapTop Reservation Service

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A service accepting reservation of products through the Internet, and handing over the product after payment at the designated store.

How to Use TapTop

  • STEP1

    Select item(s) to reserve


    Search for products using the Category/Product List, select items which you would like to reserve, and add them to the shopping cart.

  • STEP2

    Specify a shop for pick-up as well as the pick-up date and time.


    Select a shop for pick-up as well as the date and time of pick-up and then register your customer information. After the reservation has been completed, a reservation number will be sent to your email address.

  • STEP3

    Pick up your reserved order when you visit Japan


    On the pick-up date, first show your reservation number to staff at the specified pick-up location and then pay to receive the products which you reserved.

    Note: The period for which reservation numbers are valid differs according to shop.

  • POINT1

    TapTop allows you to reserve products that you want using a smartphone or computer even before you arrive in Japan.

  • POINT2

    The ability to reserve in-demand products that you want to purchase in Japan in advance means that you won't have to worry about product availability.

  • POINT3

    On the pick-up date, you simply pay for and receive the items which you have reserved without a hassle, allowing you to make effective use of your time while in Japan and makes shopping enjoyable.

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